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At CCJS, Science is about developing an understanding of, and making sense of our environment and the world in which we live, primarily through experience, exploration and interaction with scientific phenomena.

We aim to enable pupils to take responsibility for their role in the maintenance of a healthy life and the creation of a safe environment; not only for the benefit of themselves, but also for fellow human beings, animals and plants in our world. Science fosters citizenship and encourages decision making and logical thinking.

 Two children in the wildlife garden using a pooter

Scientific learning at Church Crookham extends and enhances natural curiosity by providing children with the opportunity to apply and further develop the scientific skills. All children have the opportunity to experience Science within the school grounds, in particular the allotment and pond and Wildlife area. When pupils learn Science they are obtaining skills and a body of knowledge that will undoubtedly be required throughout their lives.

The themes that each Year Group follow can be found below.

  Year  3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Using materials

Rocks and soils

Changing sounds


The Earth in space

Forces and gravity

Reversible and irreversible changes

Changing circuits


Forces and magnets

Feeding, moving and growing

The digestive system


Changing state


Forces and movement

Evolution and inheiritance


Helping plants to grow well

Light and Shadows

Solids, liquids and gases

Gases and changes in materials

Life-Cycles - animals & plants

Interdependence and Adaptation

How we see things

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