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Girls' Football

Our girls' football team have been in action recently, playing in a tournament at Velmead Junior.  Read how they got on.

Match reports   02/10/2013 – Girl’s Football Tournament at Velmead Juniors

Crookham vs. Greenfields


Crookham kick off, Ella and Eva took it up field into the box. Ella took a shot, but unfortunately missed! Daisy passed to Marie, then Marie to Charlie. She took it up field, but the defender tackled and Charlie lost the ball. Greenfields took it up, Jazzy tackled, then and passed to Eva who passed to Ella and had a shot - it missed again. Whistle blew, end of match, which left it to 0-0

Crookham vs. South Farnborough


Crookham kicked off. Ella took it up the field and passed through the defenders and had an  early shot -  1-0 to Crookham. South Farnborough kicked off. They took it up determined to win a goal back. They took a shot -  Jazzy had no time to clear it and unfortunately scored and own goal - 1-1!

Crookham vs. Talavera


Crookham kicked off. Ella took the ball up and passed to Eva, who took a shot. Goalie booted it up the field and Daisy took possession of the ball. She passed to Charlie, who had another shot. Talavera gotgoal kick, but the whistle blew. End of match -  0-0

Crookham vs South Farnborough (3rd place play-off)


Farnbourogh kicked off. Everyone had to play for their lives, as it was the 3rd place play-off match! Farnbourgh took it up, but Jazzy tackled and passed to Marie. Marie passed to Charlie, who took a shot, but missed. Farnborough took it up and Jess tried to tackle, but lost possession of the ball. Millie dived for the ball but unfortunately missed - 1-0 to South Farnborough. Crookham took it upfield, but the other team tackled and cleared it. Crookham corner. Ella took the corner and had a shot. Whistle blew for the  end of match. Crookham were gutted!

We were disappointed that we had lost the 3rd place play-off. However, we are still through to the quarter-finals of the Standing Cup! It was a great evening with our new team learning some useful lessons.

Captain – Charlie Parsons   Goal – Milly Stock   Jazzy Robinson  Ella Manning  Jesika Thebe

Marie Unwin   Eva Leigh   Daisy Powell


















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