A child with her fridge magnet to promote recycling and compostingGeography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to people, places and environments at different scales, in the United Kingdom and overseas, and an appreciation of how places relate to each other and the wider world. Children:

  • study places and themes at different scales from local to national in the United Kingdom and overseas, and investigate how people and places are linked and how they relate to the wider world,
  • study how and why physical and human features are arranged as they are in a place or environment, and how people are influenced by and affect environments,
  • focus on geographical questions like What is it like? How did it get like this? How and why is it changing?,
  • develop and use geographical enquiry skills, including fieldwork and IT skills, geographical terms, making and using maps, and using photographs
  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3 The U.S.A. How can we live more sustainably? Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry?
Year 4 Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others? Why do so many people in the world live in mega-cities? How and why is my local area changing?
Year 5 Coasts and Oceans  

Why are mountains so important?

Who are Britain's National Parks for?

Year 6 How did the weather affect the fighing in World War One? Rivers and Climate Change