House Captain Elections

House Captain Elections

  Yesterday morning CCJS had their House Captain and Vice Captain elections.  The houses are named after Olympic athletes - Farah, Ennis, Simmonds and Weir.

   At first, everyone was split into their houses.  Farah went to 6AM, Ennis went to 3KW, Weir to 5DS and Simmonds to the Hall.  There they had all the Year Six pupils who wanted to be a Captain or Vice Captain present their speeches.  Each house needed two boys and and 2 girls as Vice Captain and Captain.

   After everyone had voted, all pupils gathered into the hall.  "It was so tense when Mr. Abbott read out the Vice Captains and Captains for each house, " commented fellow student Oliver Morris.

  In the end, the sixteen chosen Captains and Vice Captains received their badges from our Headteacher, Mr. Abbott.  The Year Five pupils looked so eager for their chance next year.

Written by Alex Parker, 6MM